Digital Transformation

Land Into The Termac
Of A Digital Future

Every customer and every stakeholder can be effectively engaged at any aviation touchpoint. we make this possibility a reality, realigning business objectives with digital transformation.

A Transformative

Dissolving The Digital
Blind-Spots In Aviation

New-age digital travelers are no longer satisfied with just getting from point A to point B. They expect frictionless, on-demand and personalized experiences, in a low fair, putting pressure on the airlines to meet the dual demands. It’s further complicated by demand for global air travel and infrastructure constraints in many markets.

Here, Digital technologies are bringing new opportunities to improve efficiencies and customer satisfactions. However, to truly become digital, airlines or airport require more than just embracing isolated digital technologies and automation, requiring new business, technology, and operating models. We are digitally transforming airlines and airport businesses by eliminating the functional and operational silos and digital blind-spots with an eye on rapid value delivery.

Unleashing Digital For Frictionless Travel

Developing and deploying Smart Distributed Systems transforming customer care to baggage management.

Open connected platforms for airlines and airports to roll out ancillary revenue opportunities and merchandising on-air services.

Mobility solutions powered by IoT and AI for frictionless connected travel through Airport and Flights.

Advanced Analytics for real-time insights and better disaster recovery response.

Digital Capabilities

Clearing Your Flight For “Velocity To Value”

We ensure that Digital Transformation in aviation reaches core operations and long-term goals besides rapidly addressing demands and expectations in the passenger journey. Our capabilities from Consulting to Factory-as-a-service for aviation ecosystem helps stakeholders adopt, optimize and personalize transformative approaches.

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Redefining the Digital Vision of airports and airline companies – from established players to new entrants. Creating actionable transformation plan starting with low-hanging digital blind-spots for rapid results.

Digital Platform Integrations

Integration of varied set of platforms and systems across passenger servicing, emergency response systems, crew management, baggage handling, etc.

Digital Factory

Factory-as-a-service model for airlines and airport business units to facilitate quicker ideation to adoption cycles of digital transformation initiatives.

When ‘Digital’ Becomes ‘Real’

Applications In The Aviation Ecosystem

Reservation & Ticketing Application

Contact Center & eCommerce

Employee Management

Revenue Management Systems
& Anciliary Products

Crisis Management Systems

Crew Management

Flight Planning & Scheduling

Operation Data Management

Departure Control

Self-Service Kiosks

PAX & Baggage Management

Airport Resource Management

Digital To Stakeholder Journey

Redefining Airlines And Airport Experience

Airline Analytics

Analytics paired with mobile self-service and other digital solutions to personalize experiences.

Open Connected Platforms

Open connected platforms delivering contextual services in the travel ecosystem.

Connected Operations

Connected solutions improving airlines and airport operations by breaking the organizational and operational silos.

Airline Analytics

Analytics paired with aviation devices and other digital solutions to streamline operations.

Connected Traveller

Real-time insights to traveler improving airport experiences.

Operational Collaboration

Collaborative platforms that align the activities of cabin crew, ground staff and airport staff to enable better performance.