Implementation of an application where by network revenue is maximized through customer segmentation and overbooking.

Optimize the filling of flights with passengers to compensate for passenger no shows and booking cancellations.

Obtain the best mix of customers for the network from the pool of consumer demand by optimally allocating seats to –

  • Non-stop/connecting demand
  • Different Fare Products

(Several sophisticated sub systems are built:- Demand Forecaster, Passenger Valuation, Optimizer, No Show Forecaster)

Technology: Microsoft APS (Analytical Platform System) – Massively Parallel Processing, C/C++, Unix, IBM DataStage, dotNet, C#, CPLEX, TIBCO

Salient features :

Applicable in channels for buying ancillary product e.g. Booking (Airline Website /MOBILE/CallCenter/OTA/GDSTA/OA/Corporate),Checking (WEB/MOBILE/KIOSK/CHK COUNTER), In-Flight.

Major decisive areas are in-flight sales, beverages, Car/Hotel, Duty-free purchases, Seat preferences, etc.

Technology: Mcube Product