Client wants to migrate from Apollo PSS to Shares PSS in 10 months timeframe which include very large transformation to be developed in a short period of time.

Huge data volume, complex transformation, 30 plus application impacted.

Instead of reengineering individual application that got impacted an EAI/ESB layer has been built that took the challenge of all the data routing and transformation – 40% benefit in the overall project execution cost.

Service are monitored via a common gateway and proactive notification and SLAs are implemented at the source(BUS) so that any issue can be detected at the wire level before even it reached application.

All the message routing, transformation and maintenance are done via a centralized and common infrastructure thus giving an advantage for quick change in any scope of the Integration. – Highly agile infrastructure providing a faster adoptability to the change of scope – resulting cost advantages for any update or change in scope.

Technology: TPF, Java/J2EE, dotNet, MVC, Spring, Hibernate, WebService, EAI/ESB, TIBCO