• Tracking and real-time visibility of pet from the time the pet is accepted up until Customer Delivery
  • Automated rules for accountability when handing off pets, real-time visibility and alerts if scanning does not occur, historical reporting for scanning compliance, revenue impact-handling costs, reduce social media risks
  • TCG involved in consulting engagement to come up with UX/UI, detail functionality and technical architecture/design of Animal Wellness Initiative
  • Analyzing the current architecture and come up with a new architecture on the Cloud
  • Stakeholder mapping, conducting UX design workshops, design of technical landscape, Wireframe, Data Storage, Implementation plan, support and maintenance planning, development

Technology/Framework: Mcube Reporting Accelerator Framework, AWS – Lambda, AppSync, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Step Functions, CloudWatch, EKS, Docker, Microservice, Java, NodeJS, ionic, Amplify, Android, iOS, Angular 7