To provide a consistent platform for the Ramp Service Employees where Bag Itinerary is consistent with the Passenger Itinerary in case of reroute:

  • Study of as-is context and topology – Determine the external applications impacted due to reroute and design a flexible, robust and consistent baggage platform to handle all reroute cases
  • Solution of the baggage reroute engine – Determine the best solution of how to design a reroute engine which will act as the integration platform between upstream and downstream applications to provide solution to all impacted applications in case of reroute
  • Reroute dashboard and tool design – Design a simple dashboard based tool for the Ramp Service Employees which will result in lesser mishandled bags and better customer experience
  • Suggest Technical Architecture and Deployment – Provide architecture and design based on AWS services for the reroute engine which will provide all reroute updates to the impacted external applications and also to provide solution on cloud deployment to the impacted application components

Technology: On-Premise Tibco EMS queues, MicroServices – Docker/Kubernetes , Datastores – Json based datastore, AWS Cloud Services