We’ve all been there.  “Attention in the waiting area…” or “This is your pilot speaking…” to be followed by an exhaled resignation knowing that a flight delay or cancelation is imminent.

Weather happens – sometimes at multiple airports.  Mechanical concerns come up during thorough preflight checks.  Regulated crew limits can occur.

Air travel is an incredibly complex business, with perhaps more moving parts than any consumer facing business. Have you ever paused to consider how many processes are kicked-off when a flight has to be rescheduled?  Think about it:

  • A new matching aircraft has to be scheduled without a domino effect on other flights
  • Passengers with connections need to be reticketed, taking into consideration capacity on alternate flights
  • Baggage needs to be re-routed
  • Catering needs to be shifted
  • Fuel may need to be modified
  • Crew needs to be assembled
  • New flight plans must be filed

… and many more less obvious activities

Now, think about multiplying this across multiple flights if an entire airport is on hold, and an order of magnitude much higher if a weather system impacts an entire region.

Airlines are extremely adept at crisis management, making all of these adjustments in a very fluid, very seamless fashion.  These efforts are significant but thankless given passenger frustration, which is simply human nature.  Commercial aviation is as unforgiving as it is complex

For over 20 years, TCG Digital Aviation has been deeply involved with airline and airport operations, helping address and resolve the intricacies of crisis management.  With deep domain expertise, systems integration and advanced analytics, we inform critical decision making with continuous intelligence and optimized workflows.  From aircraft and airport operations to passenger experience, we are proud to partner with leading airlines and airports to serve passengers safely and professionally through even the most trying events.

Nobody said it would be easy – if it were, everyone could do it.  But together we adapt and overcome adversity.