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While safety and security have always remained a priority for airports, in recent years, authorities have also focused on automating operations and personalizing passenger experience. From advance updates about flight schedule to automated parking and self-service check-ins, multiple channels are being transformed with digital tools to address the above needs. A capable partner of multiple global airports, we lead this transformation with AI-based analytics and collaborative solutions.

Differentiated Experience At Every Terminal

Consulting and creating a Digital Transformation Roadmap for Airports

Custom applications for passenger self-service – from check-in to baggage screening

Open distributed platforms to optimize Departure Control, staff collaborations, saving time and costs

Customer Experience Analytics collected during phases of travel for personalizing travel experience

Flight With TCG Aviation

Navigating Challenges To Possibilities

Airport Analytics

Analytics has become the source of key insights about passengers, staff updates, and operations. We help Airports receive such insights with analytics solution encompassing ancillary revenue sales at the terminal, passenger loyalty and rewards based on purchases, experience analytics, arrival and departure control, and more.

Airport Performance Monitoring

Monitoring different KPIs e.g. revenue (aero, non-aero), operating cost, passenger movement, aircraft movement, delays, baggage, on-time performance, safety, and security.

Airport Kiosks Usage

Improve the adoption of kiosk usage for the check-in process to decrease the overall cycle time needed for a traveler to move from curbside to airside.

Airport Customer Sentiment

Information about customer sentiment with proactive social media and third-party integrations and multiple algorithms orchestrating accurate insights.

Airport Immigration

Predictive insights to Airport on the immigration process given a certain set of process parameters – day-of-the-week, nationality of a passenger, terminal, etc.

Baggage Platform

We streamline baggage processing with cloud-based centralized platforms to store all baggage related information and provide real-time baggage alerts, dashboards, and integrations with scanner apps and the ability to handle baggage reroute scenarios.

Centralized Baggage Services

A collection of baggage services representing a single source of truth across all baggage, passenger, flight, and scanner datapoints.

Rule Engine

AI-powered and cloud-based rule engine to handle reroute scenarios, baggage and pet handling alerts.

Real-time Alerts & Dashboards

Configurable dashboards with real-time alerts for both above and below the wing operations.

Scanner Apps

Customizable scanner apps for handheld scanning devices fully integrated with baggage platform.

Connected Traveler

Besides the airlines, it’s also the responsibility of airport authorities to ensure that a passenger receives necessary updates about his journey, any alerts at the airport, change in schedules. With almost everyone carrying smart devices, sharing contextual information becomes easier. Besides this, with connected solutions, airports can also serve passengers at the terminal, providing personalized push notifications, contextual ads, discounts, etc.

Contextual Information

Inform passengers about airport parking status, security warning, advise passenger to arrive early due to increase in check-in/security/immigration time, gate change, weather alert, nearby food, and retail outlets, etc.

Real-time Notification

Informing passenger real-time to different types of devices e.g. – mobile, tablet, wearables.

Multi Device Communication

Sending personalized information to customers with analytics on customer behavior or past data such as hotel preference, past purchases at duty-free shops, airport lounge day pass, car rental, etc.

Operation Collaboration

We develop collaboration platforms helping to collaborate amongst Airlines, Airports, and Ground Handlers. These open platforms allow parties to be connected, informed and take proactive actions where all parties are responsible to complete a task like aircraft-turnaround, check-in and baggage handling, gate change, de-icing, GDP.

Role & Hierarchy

Roles based access control, receiving alert based on the work assignment.

Work Assignment

Ground handlers, airport representative, airline representative will be enlisted against a flight (turn around operation – check in, baggage, cleaning, fuelling, maintenance check).


Alert to all stakeholders for different situation e.g. delay in maintenance check, late arrival of crew/passenger, delay in inbound aircraft, GDP.

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